Micrоsoft оffice 365 account, 5 Users, 5 TB drive, Lifetime

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Microsoft оffice 365 account, 5 Users, 5 TB drive, Lifetime


  • Micrоsoft оffice 365 account (Email + password)
  • You will change the password immediately
  • Permanent account WITHOUT Subscription
  • Download Links 32/64 Bits from the official website 
  • Full Notice sent by E-MAIL


Once we receive the order and the payment, we will send you your product on your email


+ Full Account for 5 Devices (Windows, Mac, Android Or IOS).

+ Multiple Languages and Works Worldwide.

+ No Renewal Subscription or Any Other Hidden Fees.

+ Fast Delivery Within Few Minutes of Receiving Payment.

+ OneTime Payment.

+ 5TB Cloud storage.


* Word * Excel * PowerPoint * OneDrive * OneNote * Outlook * Publisher * Access * Skype, +15 more apps!

    if you need more information, please get in touch with our expert support 


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